Vacum Systems

Vacuum is the absence of gases like air, and water vapor, and in a freeze drying system is produced to enable water molecules unimpeded travel from the product to the condensing surface.  Vacuum pressure must be maintained during the primary and secondary drying phases of the process of freeze drying.  Maintenance of vacuum depends upon many factors which include, integrity if the drying system envelope [pipe connections, welds, valves, gaskets, seals], and also the condition of the vacuum pumping system. Product contamination can be caused by back streaming, which is a phenomenon that allows vacuum pump oil to move by diffusion, during some portions of cycles.  There are many sorts of vacuum pumps, and vacuum systems, which are both complex to maintain, and difficult to understand when a vacuum fails to be established at the right time, and at the appropriate pressure during the process.

Whether you need hands on training in vacuum pump maintenance, leak checking, elimination of back streaming, someone to trouble shoot your system, you can rely upon Applewood Scientific as your resource to evaluate, educate, and train your personnel in all aspects of vacuum,

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