There are many manufacturers of lyophilizers to choose from.  Applewood Scientific has advocacy experience, having worked for some of the major manufacturers [Virtis, FTS Systems, Hull Corporation, Edwards High Vacuum, BOC Edwards, SP Industries, Tofflon, Shinva].  We therefore have direct familiarity with many different manufacturer’s machines whilst doing  FAT, SAT testing, validation, and writing URS documents for clients.   We have project managed the installation of lab, pilot and production freeze drying systems from many manufacturers. We are therefore in a perfect position to help you with negotiations, fact finding, auditing, and bid evaluation for your particular project.  Our advocacy experience allows us to provide comprehensive assistance for your company to evaluate your particular application for lyophilization processing of your product as compared with the capability of vendors of interest to your purchasing department and other policy makers at your company.  We can tabulate by an application specific basis, whether any vendor is appropriate for supplying equipment that is suitable for your process.  Our ability to do so will help not only to decide which proposal meets your requirements in your user requirements specification [URS] and also allows testing the machine at the FAT, and SAT, to ensure the important application specific deliverables. Almost every vendor’s machine will lyophilize, and with our help you will know more about if the vendor’s offering will lyophilize your particular product.

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