The OQ has been defined and most of us understand what it is all about. No mystery here.  So you may ask how Applewood Scientific can assist you in dealing with this process?  If your validation staff is reticent to reach into a live electrical enclosure, to safely trick the system into issuing an alarm and use meaningful automated procedures to determine of the system is actually working in a way that will enable use in the manner in which you intend, then Applewood Scientific can be of assistance to you.  Most manufacturers test systems for operational conformance to specifications in ways that are not every going to be used in actual day to day usage. Although these tests may be valid, they do not have any relationship to performance in the automated mode.  So if you really want to know if the system is capable of meeting your product specification requirements in the design envelope that meaningfully matches the requirements, then Applewood Scientific can help you execute a plan or do the actual OQ that will enable assurance that the system will actually do what your product needs.

We have years of experience in accomplishing just that, practical document review, suggestions as to what actually matters, and actually doing the testing.

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