Hands On

Hands on training is a very important service that Applewood Scientific offers its clients.  This training allows new operators, and supervisors to become familiar with the freeze drying system and therefore allows for confidence and complete operational familiarity.  Matching the operation to the actual state of the system after a control function or automated step of the process links the operator to the process.  The freeze dryer mechanism can then be understood in a novel way.  Extensive real time use of drawings, finding tag names’ correspondence to components, component identification and function discussions, and overall interrelatedness of the freeze drying system to the process are the goals of hands on training.  Having direct supervision of the loading, unloading methodology, alarm functionality and identity, vacuum control functionality and operational rationale, provides users with the ability to know the system rather than being merely switch throwers.  How to methods for invoking, saving, and protecting data acquisition from deletion, and backing up data, working with user names and passwords are all part of hands on training,


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