Installation Qualification.  I suppose we have all heard these words repeatedly, and we all have a great appreciation for their meaning, and what the process involves, at least I hope that this is the case!  In fact the words IQ are absent from the latest documentation as written by the ISPE and the ASTM which are the chief authors of the latest “risk based” documents.  So you may ask how Applewood can help you in this must-do process.

In the current environment it is important to accomplish our goals in a way that ensures it is done once only, and that even if you have the resources in house to do the IQ, you may not wish to review the documents, may not have a handle on the IQ of a freeze dryer specifically, and would either like to have someone do the work, or at least review the documents and make practical suggestions as to areas that may be missing, the presence of which make the process rigorous.  After all, what matters is that you know that the freeze dryer you are about to commission actually matches what you ordered, is connected to services that the manufacturer says it must be, and that you actually have the necessary connections, capacities, and environment that meets the intended design of the system.

Does the instrument in the control panel match the voltage, parameter tolerance needed, and exist as specified?  Applewood Scientific can help you with all or just the missing parts

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