Do you have the resources in house to actually run your product in the new freeze dryer for the first time?  Does your R&D group have resources to spend the time learning the new system, designing cycles that will ensure that the new system will actually match the performance of the development lyo?  Do they have the necessary product information such as transition temperature, moisture levels, pressure control strategies, and delivery experience in determining the cycle efficiently and at the lowest cost with mimal product loss?  Applewood Scientific can assist you in doing whatever piece of the PQ in which you need assistance.  We can act as your experts and work with your team to accomplish, troubleshoot realtime, and document these crucial cycles. We wil help you design the approprioate protocol, and result in saving you time which will lower your costs and reduce risk.

Our assistance can perhaps enable your R&D staff to continue filling your pipeline rather than repeating tests, and Applewood Scientific can also assist your operators in techniques that help ensure proper operation of the new product in your new or existing system, and do this on the fly.  So, our services are available for any piece of this process or the whole process.

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