Technology Transfer

Whatever your theory of technology transfer is, conservative; able to be run on anyone’s machine, or optimized cycle and fastest turnaround, Applewood Scientific can assist you in accomplishing what you wish to achieve.  Do you know how your existing R&D scale lyo compares to the production sized unit, are you unsure of what batch size multiple will provide the best results based upon existing cycles in existing machines?

Are you concerned that long term production will be as efficient as possible, or that you can safely speed up a cycle with minimal product loss, in a variety of different batch sizes, vial sizes, and presentations? Do you know of ways to ensure moisture content consistency, when it is safe to start secondary drying, and what all of this means to drying product efficiently? Do you want the most conservative works all the time production cycle that will run in multiple CMO’s different sizes, different manufacturers, and different designs? Applewood Scientific is able to assist you in making these crucial decisions, we will work with you and your CMO’s to ensure success, and will gladly do entire projects, or any part thereof that you need.

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