Capacity Calculations-What is the right size dryer?

If you are starting a freeze drying project one of the first things to do is to choose the right sized dryer.  This is usually determined by calculating the number of vials or the capacity of the dryer.  Use a program that incorporates the triangular stacking of vials in each tray.  This calculation eventually determines the correct number of shelves in the lyophilizer.  Then the other considerations are the height of the vial plus the its partially inserted stopper.  Next is choosing the interdistance of the freeze dryer shelves. It helps to know the available shelf sizes that manufacturers typically supply.  If you are using bulk loaded trays, can you handle the bulk loaded product ergonomically?  Is the tray and depth compatible from a process standpoint.  Then what matters is depth of the product, the sizes of the trays. Do you wish to utilize other means of containing your product?

Then, choosing the proper condenser capacity, and then finding a freeze dryers that fit these criteria.  Applewood Scientific has done these calculations thousands of times. We can be of assistance in your quest to find the properly sized freeze dryer and get you the help you need with capacity calculations and their many ramifications.

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