Lyophilizer specifications form the bedrock of your project.  Whether you are developing specifications for a bench top laboratory freeze dryer or a production freeze dryer with automatic loading and unloading rigorously preparing tight specifications will help to ensure that you get the machine that you need to dry your particular product.  All freeze dryers are not created equal!  Its up to you to let the purchasing department, manufacturer, and perhaps the regulatory agency know details so that they can buy, build and whomever reads the specification to quickly and thoroughly understand the entire scope of the lyophilizer you want for the project.  Use Applewood Scientific’s expertise to help you write tight specifications, we will do the internal leg work and documentation needed to form the specs that will meet the goals of your team. We’ll ask the pertinent application questions and include the accessories and capabilities that you need to get the freeze dryer that you need to complete your lyophilization program.

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