Applewood Scientific can provide those you select in your organization with training in the Fundamentals of freeze drying, Maintenance of freeze dryers, Validation of lyophilizes, and in the Process of freeze drying.  Typically the content of the training sessions is chosen by you, the client, and then formulated, presented, and managed by Applewood Scientific.  After all, you know what your organization wants to learn about. That way, the presentations will be focused and be more than generalizations because the topics will be those your personnel want to know about.   And, If you already have a lyophilizer that you are resurrecting from being moth balled and have recently placed in service, Applewood Scientific can offer you and your operators hands-on experience with the actual system, to enable them to really “own” it.  When the training is completed your operators will be more than just button pushers. Operators and lyo managers will have the data, marked up P&Id drawings, with tracing outlining systems, and understand how the machine reacts to the process of freeze drying in each step of the process.  They will have experience and the media and documentation to rely upon when it comes time to actually run the machinery jn production or R&D.

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