Maintenance schedules consist of sets of activities which include recording data, the as is condition of various components in a freeze drying system.  We also can provide you with the recommended timing of preventative practices such as valve plate change out, compressor oil replacement intervals the how to of calibration of sensors, vacuum gauges, and gaskets.  These activities are carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, and the results chronicled for each in an SOP document.  The charting of pressures, temperatures, vacuum leak rates, ice buildup, oil level, control accuracy, color of refrigeration liquid eyes, if done scrupulously and on schedule allows operators or those responsible for ownership to know about the system intimately.  The awareness of typical sounds of the operation of vacuum pumps, compressors, and hydraulic systems  the sounds can be used as an alert and are an indicator of each rotating component’s functionality .  The sound may be symptomatic of deeper problems and a timely alert to the maintenance department, before the system fails, can save money and downtime. Maintenance schedules that are adhered to can save the company lost batches.  Applewood Scientific is available to set up and train your personnel or local refrigeration maintenance supplier in preventive maintenance activities, with checklists.  Applewood will provide diagnostic tools such as dry run testing, vacuum leak rate testing, refrigeration performance, and vacuum performance methods to allow you to keep your system in tip-top condition, and avoid unexpected results.

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